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Goman Thin Film Solar Energy Technology(Zibo)Co.,Ltd is a producer of lightweight, flexible and powerful CIGS(Copper/Indium/Gallium/Selenium)solar cells and application products. The innovative solar cell is based on the highest efficiency thin film technology available today, and its flexible cell architecture makes it ideal for a wide variety of solutions ranging from commercial roofing solar panels to portable mobile devices.
Goman solar located in Shandong province China with 600MW production capacity of thin film solar cells and application products,It’s the most advanced and largest production base in the world of 230000 square meters.
Relying on the world-class thin-film solar engineering laboratory,Goman solar focus on the localization of raw materials,optimization of AZO targets,improvement of solar energy conversion rate,as well as the research and development of new application products such as full series of the flexible modules,intelligent street lamps and mobile energy products.


Goman thin film solar energy technology (Zibo) Co., Ltd

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